Gladly accepted the challenge to interview with a action-pumped video created in less than a day!

We scooted around Eastern Europe for 2 weeks, hitting 8 countries and 1 wedding. The video is a little long, but how can you fit all that into a short clip?! I will find the answer… each video I make I think I get a little better… ENJOY!

Created for the client “Cool Capitals”, an organization comprised of the select capitals in Europe featured in this video. The project was an effort to feature the groups highlights in a way to entice other European cities to join the effort in attracting tourism to less popular destinations. Assets are not my own.

First video I ever made! What a fantastic ride, it still makes me laugh :) I worked in remote Alaska, a town called Gustavus outside of Juneau, at a fishing lodge and had one of the best times of my life - especially now looking back, how I miss that time. All shot with a point and shoot from 2007 and learning iMovie overnight to have this for Gram and Gramps as a Xmas present in the morning :) (pardon the mistakes!)

A high-energy clip highlighting on the benefits of attending school at Montana State University - Billings. Was commissioned by the school to put this together to be featured to the admissions board. Majority of the assets are my own.